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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bali Body Painting Competition

The Final night of the Competition body painting or depicted with the human body media was spread out in the Hard Rock hotel, Kuta, Bali, on last Wednesday morning. This competition presented Rp 2 million. Body painting, a painting media that was sexy with the human media personally as the media lukis him in presenting the wild idea lukisan. but this if in expressed explicitly in our country then would in regarded as something that the taboo (pornographic the action and pornography). Body painting in the simple meaning was the body that in coloured as the form of the creative power simbolisasi-simbolisasi was preceeded by the awareness of religion. Many work of art sorts that were produced by humankind as the statement on the meaning and the value of the life, one of them was body painting (tatto). There were two kinds in body painting this, that is body painting permanent and not permanent, body painting that permanent normally was known with TATTO, whereas that not permanent usually in utilised to kepetingan the artistic stage (performance art) like the picture diatas. from here simply could be concluded by us two matters in body pinting. 1. Body Painting with the TATTO point of view: 2. Body Painting with the performance of art. Tattoo came from Tahiti that is “Tatu” that meaning that the sign or symbol. Various sources mentioned that the age tattoo that has been very old. It seems more than 12,000 SM. tattoo that has been to ethnic groups Egyptian Kuno, Inca, Maori and Polynesian.

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