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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sanur Beach

This coast was located in eastern the Denpasar city and has been famous since a long time ago, that is when the Badung bellows war, during 1906. In the tourism circle, the Sanur Coast was the first time introduced by the painter Belgian A.J. Le Mayeur with his wife of Ni Polok that resided there since 1937. The attraction of the Sanur Coast was next north him that coiled like semicircular and southern him turning from the east to the west, as well as it wave was not so big. There are also some luxury facilities in the Sanur Coast, including the quality hotel international, like Hotal Grand Bali Beach, Hotel Bali Hyatt, Hotel Sanur Beach, and the Natour Sindu Beach Hotel. The restaurant and Resturan that provided various typical good servings the area and international was gotten all along the Sanur region, also was available facilities of water recreation like diving, snorkling, canoeing, surfing, the jet ski, parasailing et cetera. The visitors could also enjoy beauty along the coast. For that liked sport jogging was available the footpath along approximately 6 km all along the Mertasari coast until Padanggalak.

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