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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bali ASEAN Beach Game (part 1)

Event featuring ASEAN Beach Game I that will be carried out in several places in Bali like in the region Sanur,Serangan, Jimbaran and Nusa Dua received the support from Regent Badung. This support was sent by BupatiBadung AA. Gde Agung. SH when receiving General Chairman KONI Pusat Rita Subowo that was accompanied by Joko Pramonoserta I Gusti Great Alit Putra as KONI Bali Chairman when appearing before Regent Badung, A.A Gde Great, SH in KantorBupati Sempidi,Senin (3/9) .The Head Of Badung Regency Gde Agung that was accompanied Kabag public relations and Protocol of Putu Eka Merthawan, said that was given towards this activity, because of being considered very positive that eventually will be hoped for influence tourists's visit to Bali especially to the Denpasar and Badung Regency. By that event that international level this could be made the site for the athletes to measure and increase his achievement. Rita Subowo said ASEAN Beach Game I this will be carried out in the date 18 till October 26 2008, and follewed by 45 countries.The meeting was held in meeting space of Bappeda Kota Denpasar, was opened by Mr Asisten the Development of Setda Kota Denpasar was accompanied by Mr Kepala Bappeda Kota Denpasar. Be present in being in a meeting this including the PU Prov Service. Bali, KONI Denpasar, Panitia BABGOC (Balinese ASEAN Beach Games Organizing Committe) as well as SKPD related in the Denpasar City. ASEAN Beach Games this his plan will be opened by Menpora was accompanied by the Governor as well as the Regent/the Mayor on October 18 2008. Beforehand will be held by the Indonesian procession of the circle torch (Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Irian) and ended in Denpasar Bali. The agenda that will be attended by 45 countries compared 17 branches of sport. In ASEAN Beach Game I this will compare 13 branches of sport among them; Socker,sepak takraw, body building, the dragon boat, Sky's jet sport, volly beach, the marathon swimming, glaiding.Rita added as waiting list this schdule will be held by the demonstration pencak silat(traditional kungfu),and opening ceremony was held in Garuda Wisnu Kencana Pecatu that also was livened up with the dance kecaksecara colossal. His ready agenda would in opened RI President, Susilo Bambang Yudoyono this also was livened up with the orchid festival, from all the Indonesian orchid farmer and Asia, who eventually will be held in second-hand PuspemBadung in Lumintang.

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