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Sunday, September 28, 2008

The First Temple in Hamburg Germany

In the Kuningan holiday on last August 30 2008, group of Hindu Indonesia in Germany celebrated him together in Hamburg. The prayer ceremony was led by Ida Pandita Nabe Sri Bhagawan Dwija Warsa Nawa Sandhi, that came from Bali several the previous day. On this Kuningan day, Hindu group arrived from all the corners of the German country, and even there are those that followed the distance 800 km to attend this special day. The members Nyama Braya Bali divided his task communally like be proper for in Bali. The division of labour from the production upakara that was led by Nyoman Sukayahadi until leading the Gamelan by I Wayan Pica. All the busy sides for days to make this agenda successful. In this opportunity, Bhagawan Dwija gave advice about Tri Hita Karana, the harmony of human relations with the Lord, with the peer, and Naturally. Moreover as the Spiritual guide Hindu group in Germany, Bhagawan Dwija also gave the message to Hindu group from Indonesia, in order to be grateful to the German country, and could continue good relations available. Also made a plea to Germans who often were present at the ceremony, in order to be able to be accepted as relatives personally, so as to be able to be established by friendship relations in the foreign region although being different the nation. Apart from leading this Kuningan day ceremony, the Bhagawan Dwija arrival also to carry out the ceremony „ planted pedagingan“ a ceremony in the laying of the development cornerstone of the Temple in Europe. The government of the Hamburg city went through the Museum für Völkerkunde permitted this Temple to be built in front of the grand museum building. Before this initiative, group of Hindu Bali/Indonesia did not yet have the holy building. Because of that felt really be toucheded and was grateful because of the holy place in the form of the Jagad Temple (the public) available in the European continent, could be realised in Hamburg. his temple could be gained with the existence of the co-operation that was good from the museum side in Hamburg, with Bali during bertahun the year. Apart from this Temple, since 2004 this museum had the exhibition continue to that was big with the Balinese theme. Funding of the development of this Temple didanai by a German sponsor who was not prepared to be named by his name, that never to Bali but felt had spiritual relations that were strong with Bali. The struggle and the hard work of the Indonesian community, especially Bali this in pioneered by right Gde Wirahmini, that with the work of the harshness, with heart perseverance of all group. Finally this wish was increasingly close to the reality. The development of this Temple will take up time approximately a year, that was led by Undagi I Nyoman Arthana (Nyama Braya Bali in Germany).

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