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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lawar Bali

One of the typical Balinese food were Lawar, that is meat yg was chopped up (chopping meat) was mixt vegetables (pawpaws, the coconut, sometimes with long peanuts) afterwards diurab with all the spices spices. Slice thinly yg normally was sold in Bali in general was to slice the pig thinly, to slice the chicken thinly and to slice cattle thinly. Nah was one yg just I nemuin, sliced Cumi in the Stall thinly Ms JANI Sanur. In accordance with his name, this food used cumi as his meat. Saw ajah in the picture was supervised, yg his colour was black that was slice thinly cumi him. Cumi will issue black ink, yg if being boiled tambahin the spices spice it seems maknyuss. Really in the Stall Ms JANI quite especially very sea food. One portion of food was appreciated Rp.10.000. -, including a plate of complete rice with his side dish: 3 fried prawns flour, a Tuna burnt with chilli sauce matah him, several pieces cumi fried, vegetables urab, plus a cup soup the head of the fish. its delicious...! Full of spicy and made the stomach completely full. Just came to the Stall Ms JANI in Jl.Kutat Lasting no.1 Sanur (in SMK 3 Denpasar-adjacent with Chicken Rice of Khrisna Sanur) yg was opened from the morning to 8 o'clock in the evening. Don't forget, kind food seafood this contained high cholesterol, so balanced with a glass piston iced orange juice Rp.2000. - to neutralise him. Slice thinly was traditional Balinese food that has been very famous in the Balinese area, because besides being used as the guest plate and the serving also was sold widely in restaurants with the make sliced Bali thinly. Slice thinly was one of the side dish kinds that was made from meat that was chopped up, vegetables, several spices and kelapadan occasionally in several kinds slice thinly was given the element that could increase the feeling from slice thinly that was blood from the meat personally, this blood was mixt with certain spices so as increased delicious slice thinly this. Slice thinly personally could not last long this food if being kept still in the open air only remained part-time. Slice thinly was typical Balinese food that was made from the meat mixture, the young jackfruit, young pawpaws with the complete Balinese spice. Slice thinly usually was presented as the friend's side dish ate rice and was eaten after carrying out the traditional ceremony by means of prasmanan.

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