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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Nyepi Day (The Silence Day)

The Nyepi Day (The Balinese Silence Day) was the change day in the Heritage year (Isakawarsa) that was celebrated every one year after tileming kesanga in sasih Kedasa.
The background of the history. 1. King's coronation Kaniskha I. New Year çaka began to be declared in the coronation of the king Kaniskha and the Kushana dynasty in the year 78 Masehi. 2. The year çaka in Indonesia. In ancient, was based on various lists of the inscription only was known the year çaka then. According to Negarakertagama, in the Majapahit time the change in the year çaka (the Caitra month to Waisaka) was celebrated on a large scale.The activity in Nyepi Day had two sorts that is:
  1. A day before the Nyepi Day, exact in the month died (tilem) carried out the Bhuta Yadnya ceremony (mecaru).
  2. In the Nyepi Day that is early the New Year the Heritage that fell in sasih Kedasa was carried out by the Yoga Samadhi ceremony.
There were four berata the obligatory prohibition was followed at the time of the Nyepi public holiday, was acknowledged as the Catur Berata Penyepian (four activity that shouldn't do), that is
  1. Amati Geni or abstaining lighted api
  2. Amati Karya or stopping all of the activity
  3. Amati Lelanguan or abstaining from entertaining itself
  4. Amati Lelungan or abstaining from going on a trip
In this holy Nyepi day silence we held introspection, united thoughts, as well as united was creative, the feeling, and the desire, headed the discovery of essence of the existence ourselves and essence of the life of the universal. The next day that is the Ngembak Geni public holiday, all the whole households went out of the yard and forgave each other with the neighbour and the friend who were met, in the atmosphere of the heart that was clean and was filled by the policy.

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