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Monday, September 29, 2008

Padang Padang Beach

The Padang-Padang Beach coast was one of the best coasts in Bali apart from dreamland, Kuta, Nusa Dua or even the other coast in Bali. This Padang-Padang coast was located in Street Labuhan Sait, in the Pecatu village, was not far from the Uluwatu Temple that was famous in holy and sunset, the monkey that was naughty as well as the Kecak Apinya Dance. Reached this coast really was easy, followed the direction headed To uluwatu continued to take the right side available the Labuhan road signpost sait (easy how come, and find him) until came across bridge, before the bridge had the sign, the parking lot to the Padang-look Coast. From the main road, headed towards this coast was rather unique, because must pass cerukan, his model as entering Goa by several upstair down headed the coast. After passing Goa earlier, the sandy coast white was spread our in front of you, his water was blue clear and flat, agreed very much in order to swim but also if that liked surfing could look for the wave rather to the middle of sea. The Padang-Padang coast, his coast not measuring and along the Coast in Kuta or in dreamland so if the pass in the afternoon and by chance “Peak Season” moderate rather was full, but don't worry that was important experience during enjoy its beauty in the afternoon in this coast, but also in this coast really was easy to search the dishes or the other drink, because the food stall was widespread here, and the price was enough “reasonable” so if you the holiday in Bali you could put the Padang-Padang Coast “on the list” the coast “must” that was visited for the Holiday in Bali. This coast often in visited by tourist - tourist foreign and local yg wanted to play surfing or played surfing. This place like that captured dg berpasir white and pure water,while sunbathing and bathed made the atmosphere so really funny For who interested in visiting to the Padang-Padang coast please came and felt kenyaman to relax. From Kuta only followed the trip around 45 minutes.

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