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Monday, September 29, 2008

DreamLand Beach

The Dreamland Beach was in the area named Pecatu. Still in south the Balinese island. To be precise, several kilometre before the Uluwatu Temple from the side of Denpasar. The Dreamland coast was surrounded by tebing-tebing that soared, and was travelled around the moderate coral stone big around the coast. Why was named Dreamland? The inhabitants Pecatu previously lived as the farmer. Live in the hill that contained the lime, made them really make the life dependent from results of agriculture. Afterwards, came the project of Pecatu Graha, that was sponsored by Tommy Soeharto in his father's time was still having first the power. The plan is, Pecatu Graha would in made a housing complex, and the tourist attraction to be other apart from the coast. Although the land that was used by the project of Pecatu Graha this was the results land “paksaan”, but the inhabitants Pecatu really hoped the project was finished, and they could concern the other business. The Dreamland coast almost resembled Kuta, but more beautiful. The Kuta coast already too many visitors, but not with the Dreamland coast. Therefore, scenery in this coast came from nature, not from the bikini. White sand, the coral stone, and the coral gap became so delicious scenery it was considered. Clear water, with the quite tight wave, made this coast be enough to be seen perfect.
Want to know the most beautiful coast in Bali apart from the Kuta coast? it answer of course the Dreamland coast in the Pecatu region (uluwatu). This coast was so beautiful and was not as solid as the Kuta coast his visitor. Certainly with this situation you will be pleasanter and could enjoy the atmosphere of the coast that was known as the place surfing this. With the trip approximately 30 minutes from Kuta headed the Jimbaran direction afterwards Pecatu, you will arrive in here. The coastal region dreamland at this time was developed as the tour region Balinese Pecatu Resorts complete with the golf-course 18 hole, international schools, the international hospital, shopping mall and other tour means.

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