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Monday, September 29, 2008

Rafting in Bali

Join the tour crossed Jeram or Rafting in one of the rivers in Bali. And immortalised the momentum of your holiday in Bali with the adventure. The river in Bali, apart from as the source of the rice cultivation irrigation, also was the place that was suitable to go on a trip crossed Jeram or more was known with the Rafting term. Naturally the river that still was natural with his flow that was full of the challenge made the tour crossed jeram or rafting in Bali became one of the choices of the favourite of the tourists who were going on holiday in Bali. Gotten by 2 names of the river that was made the main place of this adventure activity, in part: the Ayung River that was located in the Petang Village, Sangeh, Badung with the level of the level difficulty 2, as well as the Telagawaja River in the Muncan Karangasem Village with the level of the level difficulty 3-4. For that the first time carried out the activity of this adventure, the Ayung river was the place that was suitable to try. Whereas to that wanted to feel the adventure to be more again horrifying, the Telagawaja River was the best choic. During more than dozens of years, the Ayung River (Ayung River) was known as the place rafting that was best and terfavorit in Bali and to the choice of the famous operator in Indonesia. Rafting was favourite sport for tourists that the holiday in Bali. Sport crossed jeram this gave the challenge that attracted but also encouraged adrenalin of each participant. Ayung river rafting offered the difference sensation and definitely very defiant to be tried. This river had several jeram that challenged and encouraged your adrenalin. Site to rafting personally approximately be at a distance 10 kilometre and could be followed in time 2 hours. All along the trip followed swift him this river, you will be spoilt green him scenery in left and right. This river also had several small waterfalls that could be used for the place of photographs. Witness also beauty ukiran along approximately 200 metre the work of the artists in Ubud that could be made backdrop to take the photograph. Rafting here really safe and certain him was accompanied by the experienced instructor. We co-operated with the operator who was experienced dozens of years served domestic tourists and foreign countries.

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