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Monday, September 29, 2008

Bali Seawalker in Sanur

Find beauty of the seabed by joining the activity seawalker, the roads in the seabed, witnessed the beauty of the coral reef and the biological diversity available under sea. Enjoyed beauty of underwater nature must not be carried out only with scuba diving or dove. One of the best methods and has been available in Bali at this time was Seawalker or the roads in the seabed. This optional activity really was easy to be carried out because of not needing the swimming expertise, might not busy brought equipment diving that was heavy, breathed be proper for in the wild was open, as well as opened the wide opportunity for the reflected person the eyes to carry him out. By joining this adventure tour we were sure your holiday will in Bali be increasingly impressive. His location in the Sanur coast, close to the Temple hotel Santrian.Seawalker that in fact was similar with scuba dive, only was different in the use of equipment then. Equipment that was used also was enough the helmet dive that was drafted especially for the underwater activity like Seawalker. And that was interesting, this one activity could join in fact by that could not swim completely. What about you? Before entering to sea, we will be given briefing previously concerning techniques when diving eventually in the Temple hotel of Santrian Sanur. Further we will be accompanied with boat headed to pontoon him Seawalker that was in the middle of sea. Here we will be installed the special helmet that pass through by pure oxygen. Guided by the instructor, we would walk down the ladder that was to descend step on foot was displayed sea to its depth around 5-7 metre then. Stay calm and rileks, because we did not feel we had the difference between breathed in the land in a breathing manner in water. Not the problem if you wore the spectacles or lens contact, this unique helmet did not penetrate. So you continued to be able to wear your spectacles under water. In water, we could go for a walk enjoyed the underwater attraction yg was while gave ate fish yg milled about. Approximately after 30 minutes dove, we will be asked to rise headed to pontoon et cetera was delivered again by boat headed towards the mainland to enjoy the lunch yg was in restaurant the Santrian Temple hotel. The total time yg was needed by us for this activity from beginning the picking up to returned to the hotel around 4 hours. Will be more good and interesting to join the morning trip although could,good and clear water.

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