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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Rangda Dance and It Secret

Rangda Dance was the queen from leak in mitologi Bali. This frightening creature it was related often kidnapped and ate the small child as well as led bad troops of the witchcraft grandmother against Barong, that was the symbol of the good strength. Told how that the big possibility of the widow came from the queen Manendradatta that lived in the Javanese island in the 11th age. He was isolated by the Dharmodayana king because of being accused of carrying out the witchcraft action against the queen of the two kings. According to his legend took revenge by killing half of the kingdom, that afterwards became his property as well as property Putra Dharmodayana, Erlangga. Afterwards he was changed by someone who was wise. The name of the significant widow also the widow. The widow really important for mitologi Bali. His battle against Barong or against Erlangga often was put forward in the dance. This dance really popular and was the important inheritance in the Balinese tradition. The widow was depicted as a woman with long hair that random-acakan as well as had the long nail. His face frightened and had sharp teeth. According to his etymology, said the widow who was known by us in Bali came from the Language Javanese Kuno that is from the Widow's significant words the widow (L. Mardiwarsito, 1986:463). The widow was the widow's term from the group of Tri Wangsa that is, Wesya, Ksatria and Brahmana. Whereas from the Sudra group was acknowledged as the Widower. Balu words in his soft Balinese were the widow. The further development of the widow's term for the widow was increasingly rare was heard by us, because of being worried caused the impression to be not good to remember the shape of the widow that 'aeng' (hair-raising) and frightened as well as was identical to the person who had left knowledge (pengiwa). This was especially obtained by us in performances of the folk tale. In other words, there was the frightened impression, was touched on and embarrassed when being said could neluh nerangjana (ngeleak). Actually the understanding above more often was inspired folk tales that inside were gotten the element of the widow. The biggest story his influence was Calonarang.

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