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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Dolphins in Lovina Beach

The Lovina coast was located around 9 Km next west the Singaraja city, this was one of the available tourist attractions in Balinese Utara. Good tourists foreign and local many that visited there, apart from to see his coast that still was natural, also to see dolphins that often were gotten in this coast. By leasing the fisherman's local boat, we could approach the dolphin. Various accommodation from Inn to Cottages were available with the price that really was covered. This Wisata Lovina region is the region of the coastal tour with the attraction especially the coast with calm sea water, sand was blackish, and sea coral with his tropical fish. Because of the characteristics of his sea that was calm, of Lovina this really was suitable for water recreation as diving, snorkling, swam, fished, sailed, rowed and just was submerged in sea water. Beside the above attraction, could be recorded here the existence of dolphins in his original habitat. Dolphins that the amount hundreds this could be seen in the morning, approximately one kilometre offshore. Dolphins that dove, jumped on the surface of water with scenery untaian the mountain on the south, reddish sky the sign of the appearance of the sun, was a scenery that gave the attraction that really attracted. This Lovina region was also supported by many attractions of the tour around it that found it easy to be reached. The attraction of tourism around Lovina in part: Panas Banjar Water, Wihara Budaha, Air Terjun Gitgit, and surrounding villages that were very ideal for them who loved nature (ecotourism). Lovina was given by Anak Agung Panji Tisna. It seems the Lovina name was taken from the name of the small hotel in India that is "Lafeina" where he spent the night and wrote the book with the Ni Ketut Widhi title (that afterwards this book diterjemahkkan in several languages and to recall the deceased). There was also this other Lovina version was taken from the existence of two "coconut milk" trees that were planted by Putra he who afterwards grew embraced each other. So Lovina came from the language latin with the meaning loved each other or loved each other. Afterwards by Regent Kepala Daerah the level of Ii Buleleng, Drs. I Ketut Ginantra for his term of office from 1988 to 1993, Lovina was interpreted as the abbreviation from "Love" and "Ina" meaning that "loving Indonesia".

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