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Friday, October 17, 2008

Bali's 6th Annual Kuta Karnival

Became the Balinese tourism icon, the sympathy of the world to Kuta increasingly strengthened pascaterjadi him the human tragedy on October 12 2002. As many as 202 lives of humankind from 22 countries flew and resulted in Balinese tourism experiencing the supervisor's point. Started from this tourism of several Kuta residents who were concerned with the Kuta condition took the initiative of generating again Kuta tourism. In 2003, a year after the bomb 2002, Made Supatra Karang -- Kuta Chairman Small Business Association (KSBA) -- appeared led for the Kuta resurgence went through one event international that was mentioned Kuta Karnival. this event was carried out a month was full from September 11 (commemorated the date of the incident of the terrorist's attack in WTC New York) to October 12 2003. Initially all the pessimists with event that was carried out in the middle of the shortage of the fund and decreasing the Balinese image. Carried royong and the community's Kuta togetherness that was heterogeneous made event this was successful. Kuta Karnival this year has entered the 6th agenda. We the comet made event Kuta Karnival as event together that was built with togetherness, said Panitia Kuta Karnival I Nyoman Graha Wicaksana Chairman that also Council Elder Pemberdayaan of the Community (LPM) Kuta. This year the younger generation appeared led event that has been known by this international community. Kuta 'Karnival the 6 in 2008 carried the theme manyama braya' Inspiring Togetherness, said the House. Kuta has become the heterogeneous area that was occupied by the inhabitants with the different background. This theme was promoted as the available strength in Kuta. This theme for him not only the discourse because almost all the activities in Kuta Karnival involved all the elements, including foreign tourists. Several additional activities in event this year that also carried the theme manyama braya was the King '& the' Queen' or the race payas Bali for the white people, the contest bonsai that will embrace participants from the national scale, fished as well as also ngejuk kucit and that very interesting was mapantigan -- one of the activities that was proposed by Balinese Governor Made Mangku Pastika.

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