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Monday, October 13, 2008

The Bali Bombing

At least 10 thousand stick torches of bamboo were paraded from the Kuta coastal region towards the bali bombing monument in the centre of the bomb explosion of terrorists six years set in Street Legian, Kuta, on Sunday night (12/10). The torch procession that was despatched around struck 19,00 WITA with the accompaniment of traditional music bleganjur. The agenda was not only followed by the local community, but also dozens of families of bali bombing casualties on October 12 2002 that came from several countries. Foreign tourists who were going on holiday in the Island of the Gods, also nimbrung in the related activity six years of the bali bombing tragedy that claimed hundreds of lives and casualties of wounds. The impasse influenced the traffic flow in the street around Kuta since the afternoon. Especially that headed the coastal region. Moreover the road from simpang three shop regions headed the Kuta Coast was put into effect by the system opened-be closed was guarded police apparatus. In Street Pantai Kuta also took place the activity that was linked with preparations for the implementation of "Asian Beach Games" coastal sport (the TEENAGER), so as the impasse of the traffic flow was difficult to be avoided. Balinese Governor Made Mangku Pastika in the opportunity to be separated mentioned that the government that was led by him not specially spread out the related activity the bombing six years set this. The "Provincial Government did not do that." Indeed did not have the activity that was meant to commemorate the bloody tragedy that was caused by the terrorism action, he said

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