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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ulun Danu Batur Temple And The Story Goes

The history of sources that mentioned about the Shelf was to throw Kesmu Dewa. Throw Usana Bali and Throw King Purana Batur. Mentioned that the Batur Temple has been from the Empu Kuturan time that is the ten century to the beginning of the eleven century. The width of the area and the number pelinggih-pelinggih then was estimated that the Batur Temple was Penyiwi the kings who had the power in Bali, at the same time to be Kahyangan Jagat. In the Batur Temple that diistanakan was Dewi Danu that was named in throwing Usana Bali that his translation as follows: was the story, happened in the Margasari month (the month to V) time of Kresna Paksa (Tilem) this Betara Pasupati in India was moving Puncak Gunung Maha Meru was divided into two, was held with the left and right hands then was brought to Bali was used as sthana Putra he that is Betara Putrajaya (Hyang Maha Dewa) and the peak of the mountain that was carried the left hands became Mount Batur as sthana Betari Danuh, both of them so as his upstream of the Balinese Island. The two mountains were the symbol of the Purusa element and Pradana from Hyang Widhi. The Batur temple was the place of the Worship of Hindu Group all over Bali especially Balinese Tengah, Utara and East requested the safety in the rice cultivation field. So as at the time of the worship of the guardian who fell for Purnamaning to X (kedasa) all group especially to all kelian subak, a branch-a branch came to the Temple of Batur menghaturkan "Suwinih". Was like this if the pest disaster happening. The identification and the attraction of the Name of the tourist attraction of the Shelf region were matched with the available potential that is Mount Batur and the Batur Lake. The name of the Batur Temple came from the Mount Batur name that was one of the Sad Kahyangan temples in directed by villagers. Before the Mount Batur outbreak during 1917, the Batur Temple was in foot one West Daya Mount Batur. Resulting from damage that was caused by this Mount Batur eruption, then the Temple is with villagers the Shelf moved in the place now. The remnants of the frozen mudflow were black, Mount Batur erect soared, the Batur Lake calm turned blue, was an attraction for each visitor. From Penelokan could gaze at blue him the Batur Lake and wave foams that menepi accompanied the driver boat when serving tourists and the public's passengers in each kind of crossing from the Kedisan Village to the Trunyan Village. The Batur Temple was visited by foreign tourists and the Indonesian Archipelago. The most prominent visit around August, in December, during welcomed New Year and the New Year atmosphere. Likewise in Galungan public holidays, Idul Fitri and the Christmas Public Holiday, in fact often was visited by the guest of the good country from the centre and the guest from overseas.

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