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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Menek Kelih, Ngeraja Sewala, Ngeraja Singa

The ceremony 'menek kelih' or 'ngeraja sewala was' carried 'out' if 'the' child 'has' become 'the' adolescent', with the sign: the woman, already first menstruation; the man, already have 'batun salak' that is the hard part on the throat. Usually around the age 14 years, but could be faster. When first menstruation, waiting until the 'clean' child meaning that is finished menstruation, just was held by the ceremony. its aim was to remind the child that he or she already mature, and carefully took care of himself, as well as always pay attention to trikaya parisudha. Usually the ceremony is united with the ceremony metatah or the piece of teeth, as the parents owe for their child. Moreover we must request the Sanghyang Widhi gift in his manifestation as the God Smara and Dewi Ratih. The equipment (banten) to menek kelih, was enough: pejati, pengulapan, pengambean, prayascita, beakala, and tebasan pageh urip, pageh tuwuh.
me and my sister carried out menek kelih ceremony yesterday when we 20 years and 15 years. We invite all of our friend and also my parents friends.This is our first huge ceremony before wedding and ngaben. My family prepare it among 2 month for the sucess ceremony. Our ceremony is take a lead by Ida Pedanda or Balinese Pendeta or A Great Lord of Balinese People. He pray for us and try to connect between us and Our God. There are a lot of people in my home who become a witness for our ceremony. We are so happy becuse of that. There are also many people play gamelan in my home.

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