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Friday, October 3, 2008

Bali Kites Festival in Sanur Beach

The kite festival was the site in a crowd the Balinese community that in did each year. Various kite models filled the Padang Coast Stern Sanur - Bali on Sunday on July 12 2008 yesterday. The model jumbo made the child's small toy through to beautiful if on the cloud. This festival in in followed by the Balinese resident who has been enough the age. The weather and the wind were very supportive so as all of participants's kites could go up. Dozens of kites from several countries that were flown together in the arena "Balinese Kite Festival (BKF)" in the Padanggalak field, Sanur, on Sunday, made sky in the region was colourfull. Because of the measurement of the kite that was big enough as well as was flown together in the number tens so, made the sunlight could experience the difficulty of 'breaking through the mainland, until seeming sky around the festival arena as if being stricken overcast. The kite that much, most came from local Balinese participants who reached approximately 739, the rest of them from the other area and several countries in the world. He said, in BKF the 30 foreign participants totalling 11 countries that took part in taking the part for the exhibition. They including the lover of the kite from Australia, Russia, Taiwan, New Zealand, the Philippines, Malaysia, Germany, the United States, Japan, India and China. Participants from overseas that was appearing in the number of the creation kite, while the traditional kite was put forward by participants from inside the country, he said. For the traditional kite, was appointed by three kinds that were enclosed in the festival, namely Janggan, Pecukan and Bebean. While the creation kite, the form and his model were handed over fully to the participants

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