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Friday, October 3, 2008

Ogoh Ogoh Festival in Bali

One unique activity in Bali a series of Nyepi public holiday was the procession of OGOH-OGOH yg will be carried out at the time of the day pengerupukan, that is a day before Nyepi. Pengerupukan was an activity to expel bhutakala (the devil). Generally Hindu group in Bali carried out this procession by means of striking various implements yg could dismiss the travelling sound the house while bringing fire. Ogoh-ogoh personally began to be introduced around in 1993. Whether from where his inspiration, spontaneously young children in Denpasar began to make a statue big had the shape of the animal from bamboo which was decorated, afterwards was paraded around the village during pengerupukan. Received the address yg positive from the wider community, ogoh-ogoh then developed from years. Design ogoh-ogoh was the animal, currently developed by the form of the giant, the leading figure pewayangan, until the leading figure of the cartoon & the ball player. The procession ogoh-ogoh that took place each year indeed not the ritual part of Nyepi celebration but more became part of creativity and the Balinese human culture. The procession ogoh-ogoh was carried out to liven up pengerupukan in the night by Nyepi. If the procession ogoh-ogoh this so the size then whether having the potential to make him to a cultural incident that was carried out again better? Cultural tourism that became the Balinese predicate certainly will get exciting if placing the procession on the agenda ogoh-ogoh as the appropriate street festival was appreciated by tourists. Everything after him was the Nyepi Public Holiday where the tourists could be asked to quiet and carried out contemplation in the Island of the Gods this. The street carnival in Pasadena or in Rio that was famous that perhaps was not bigger than the procession ogoh-ogoh in Bali. Happy New Year Caka 1930.

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