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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Med Medan in Bali

The unique TRADITION that up to now continues to remain in the Banjar Kaja Kelurahan Se- Setan was med-Medan. Med-Medan came from words omed-omedan that meaning that pulling each other. This tradition the routine was held to Ngembak Geni -- a day after the Nyepi Public Holiday. How the Med-Medan origin?
Several members Sekaa Teruna Satya Dharma Kerthi Banjar Kaja Se- Setan were involved in the agenda med-Medan. Before med-Medan was begun, the member sekaa the cadet carried out the prayer together in the Banjar Kaja Temple. The agenda was preceeded with the staging of the dance barong bangkal in the location med-Medan -- to be precise in jalan Sesetan-Kota Denpasar or in front of the Banjar Kaja Hall, SeSetan. Further dozens of members sekaa the cadet who has put on middle-level traditional clothes divided himself. The male member was in left (north the road) and the woman was in right (south). When the command was begun, respectively the scattering group crossed the location of the opponent of the kind. Pam's water was then poured out by the member krama the series to their body by using the bucket and the hose. In their soaking wet situation won by one of his members to be-pointed with the opposing member of the kind. Pulled-attraction then happened. The male member held the body the woman, so as to each other happen omed (pulled mutually-red). The romantic impression also apparently when their eyes collided mutually. So henceforth as far as all be alloted. The happy atmosphere of appearance in their face. The spectator's applause gave the spirit. At first when two opponents of the kind already mutually face to face and hugh. Said, med-Medan also could be abolished because of having the deviation took the form of the kiss scene. But the strange incident then happened. A pair of pig that was not known by his origin fought in the page of the Banjar Temple. Pig blood then was scattered everywhere. The resident of the series that saw the incident all of a sudden broke up him, but was not successful. Finally, there is bawos so that med-Medan continued to be held. Just as the tradition was held, the two pigs disappeared without the tracks. Blood that earlier was seen wetted the land, was lost instantly. Since so krama not dared to still abolished med-Medan so as lasting now.

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